Summer Basics // Get a Golden Glow with Self Tanning Tips & Tricks

Hello Lovelies!

Memorial Day Weekend is here and these are my summer go-tos for getting a golden glow the safe way, via self tanner.


Step 1 // Exfoliate in the shower to prep your body and face so there is no surface texture the tanner will adhere to. Pay close attention to elbows, knees and ankles. Pat dry and add a small amount of lotion to elbows, knees and ankles to sheer out the tanner so color looks more uniform.

Step 2 // Wear latex gloves and add a few tablespoons of the tanner of your choice. My favorite is Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse with Mirabelle Oil because the color looks so real on my pale skin. This also can be used on face and body, has a SPF 15 and I make the least amount of mistakes with this hydrating formula. Rub your hands together to get an equal amount on both hands. Use a circular motion and keep your fingers together to prevent streaking. Repeat the application as necessary. Once you are happy with the amount of tanner, take off the gloves and add a pea size to the back of the hand and rub the hands together. I sometimes use a sponge and apply a light amount on my hands as well. If you want to also apply to your face, use the same sponge and avoid your hairline and brows. Don’t forget your ears!

Step 3 // Let the tanner dry for about 20 min to set before putting on your favorite summer frock & sunnies. Watch the color fully develop in about 4 hours. If you notice an area that has a bit too much color, use St Tropez Self Tan Remover with in the 4 hours to get rid of any mistakes.

Now you are ready for summer fun. Also, here is a great tip, keeping your skin hydrated will prolong your tan. Bobbi Brown’s Beach Body Oil with a hint of shimmer and fragrance is quite lovely. It has notes of Sand Jasmine, Mandarin and Sea Spray. Essie’s California Coral polish on my fingers and toes to compliment this pretty, natural summer tan.


What is your favorite Sunless Tanner?

Have a fun and safe Memorial Weekend!!






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  1. Self-tanning? Wow. This is ingenious and very helpful! Thanks for sharing.
    Ed of

  2. Emily says:

    I just love, love, love the shimmering body oil! Have you ever used L’Oreal Sublime Bronze mist? It gives awesome color, looks natural, and delivers a nice, even finish. Definitely my favorite sunless tanner :)

    • Jennyface says: (Author)

      Hi Emily, I will have to try the mist! I have used their Gel Bronzer for body that washes off and it was wonderful. I will look for the mist next time. xo

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