Wedding Day Tips // Wear A New Fragrance

Hello Lovelies!

Fragrance is a fun way of expressing yourself and it takes you back in time.

I remember my first fragrance was Exclamation, circa 1990. That was my jam, I adored that fruity, sandalwood scent. I remember dousing myself with it before boys basketball games and rollerskating parties wearing my big hair and guess jeans. It made me feel pretty and feminine.

Anyway, fragrance is a powerful thing. It immediately takes you back in time and why not have a scent that will always remind you of your wedding day.

Photo by Anda Marie

Things to consider when choosing your new fragrance…

  • Is it a limited edition fragrance? Not being able to purchase another bottle would be a bummer!
  • Does the smell turn sour on my skin? Your body chemistry will change  a fragrance.
  • Does this remind me of someone already? A friend, family member or someone you want to forget might already be connected to this scent. Choose another, cutie!

A good place to shop for a new fragrance is Sephora. They have this smart computer called Scentsa that asks you questions about your personality and lifestyle. Based on your answers it gives you options that you will likely love. I took the quiz and found that I was PLAYFUL and recommended fragrances that I already owned and new ones to try. Needless to say, Marc Jacobs DOT went home with me mainly because of the scent but also cute design. (I am a sucker for the cute, what can I say.)

What fragrances are you loving?



P.S. Happy 38th Wedding Anniversary, Mom & Pop. Congrats to your amazing, beautiful and steadfast love.



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  1. pattie hendricks says:

    i like a soft fragrance that makes a males head turn then i know i smell good. love your site Jenn

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